Learn All About Ford Electric Vehicles

A Ford All-Electric Vehicle Guide for Jacksonville, FL EV Buyers

Are you ready to begin your electric driving journey through Duval County? A Ford electric vehicle is the perfect fit. Here at Duval Ford, we sell a variety of all-electric vehicles and want to guide Kingsland, GA, Callahan, FL, and metro Jacksonville customers through their first EV buying experience. Get answers to frequently asked questions about EVs and see why buying a Ford EV will put the joy back into driving. You’ll find several new Ford electric vehicles for sale in Jacksonville, FL at our Ford dealership in Duval County.

Ford EVs 101

What is an all-electric vehicle? EVs are powered by one or more electric motors and draw electricity from a battery that is recharged when range is depleted. Battery electric vehicles, also referred to as BEVs, are found within the Ford lineup.

By driving an all-electric vehicle, you won’t have to fuel up at Jacksonville, FL pumps. Without an engine, no gas is required. Instead, you can recharge an all-electric Ford vehicle at public charging stations around Jacksonville, FL or at your home in Hilliard, FL or Kingsland, GA using a Level 2 charging station. Buy your first Ford EV in Jacksonville to discover that an electric vehicle is simple to own and electrifying to drive.

Which Ford Electric Vehicles Are Available in Jacksonville, FL?

Plug in with Duval Ford, an EV dealer in Jacksonville, FL here to get your electric driving journey started off on the right foot. First-time EV buyers from Kingsland, GA to Callahan, FL can shop our new inventory for the following Ford electric vehicles:

Range Totals by Ford EV Model

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E: 312 miles of maximum all-electric range; 312 miles for California Route 1; 303 miles for Premium; 270 miles for GT; 260 miles for GT Performance Edition; 250 miles for Select
  • Ford F-150 Lightning: 320 miles of maximum all-electric range; 320 miles for Extended Range Battery, 240 miles for Standard Range Battery
  • Ford E-Transit: 126 miles of maximum all-electric range

New Ford Mustang Mach-E Near Macclenny

Ford Mustang enthusiasts from Macclenny in need of more space will be drawn to the brand’s all-electric SUV. Meet the new Ford Mustang Mach-E in Jacksonville, FL. The all-electric SUV seats five passengers and provides 60 cubic feet of cargo space while providing 312 miles of range and the same exhilarating thrills as the pony car that started it all.


New Ford F-150 Lightning in Jacksonville, FL

You can tow from Kingsland, GA to Jacksonville, FL on pure electric power with the new Ford F-150 Lightning. The F-150 Lightning started the wave of all-electric trucks. With 10,000 pounds of towing capability, 320 miles of all-electric range, a Mega Power Frunk, a torque output of 775 pound-feet, a max performance output of 580 horsepower from dual electric motors, Pro Power Onboard, SYNC® 4 with a 12-inch capacitive touchscreen, and Ford BlueCruise, the Ford F-150 Lightning provides everything the Callahan, FL drivers crave in a new truck.


New Ford E-Transit Near Callahan, FL

Geared towards Jacksonville, FL businesses, the new Ford E-Transit provides a sustainable way to finish any job. The Ford Electric Transit Van has a fully electric powertrain and can travel for 126 miles on a single charge. Visit your Ford EV dealer in Jacksonville, FL to pick out one of three roof heights and three body lengths for a Cargo Van, Chassis Cab, or Cutaway model. Ford’s all-electric commercial van provides Pro Power Onboard to charge power tools and equipment. Access entertainment through SYNC® 4 with a 12-inch display. Several upfits are available for this Ford EV to match the needs of your small business in Jacksonville, FL or Callahan, FL.

Why Buy a Ford EV?

  • Ford electric vehicles are eligible for potential federal tax credits of up to $7,500.
  • All-electric vehicles from Ford have expansive range so Hilliard, FL drivers can make multiple trips between home and the heart of Jacksonville, FL. Multiple models for Ford EVs can drive for over 300 miles on a single charge.
  • Charging a Ford EV is easy at home in Jacksonville, FL or on the road beyond Duval County.
  • Ford all-electric vehicles have fast charging times, capable of replenishing range to 80% in as little as 40 minutes.
  • Ford electric vehicles introduce Callahan, FL drivers to exhilarating performance with instantaneous acceleration and game-changing technology, including EV-centric tech.
  • Ford EVs keep money in your pocket with no fuel costs, affordable charging solutions, scheduled maintenance, and lower annual maintenance costs from no engine.
  • Driving a Ford electric vehicle from Macclenny to Jacksonville, FL is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. These Ford EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions.

Ford EV FAQs

Charging a Ford electric vehicle can be done at home or on the road. The city of Jacksonville, FL has over 500 public charging stations and roughly 150 DC fast chargers. Install a home charging station within your garage in Hilliard, FL, Kingsland, GA, or metro Jacksonville to recharge the all-electric vehicle overnight.

Some Ford electric vehicles can charge in as little as 36 minutes when using a Level 3 DC fast charger. Level 2 charging at home in Hilliard, FL can take roughly eight to nine hours.

Ford runs on the BlueOval™ Charge Network, which is the largest public charging network in North America. Even when Macclenny EV owners are far from home, they can find a place to charge their Ford electric vehicle, with 84,000 chargers across the network.

Yes, charging is more affordable than refueling. Ford has calculated tank vs. charge to demonstrate cost savings of owning an electric vehicle. One example is the Ford Edge costing $55 to fill up with gas, compared to $25 of home charging costs to travel the same distance around Jacksonville, FL with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The estimated savings with charging are evident throughout the Ford EV lineup.

Exclusive to electric vehicles, a frunk is a front-end truck that gives Callahan, FL drivers more cargo space. Ford electric vehicles have frunks because there is no engine under the hood.

Range anxiety is nonexistent when owning a Ford EV. Have FordPass® Power My Trip help out on long trips beyond Duval County. This feature keeps current charge level in mind and can suggest nearby charging locations along the route, whether the stations are in Jacksonville or on the open road.