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Any downpayments made with a credit instrument are subject to a 3% convenience fee. Debit cards are exempt from the convenience fee.

Pre-Auction Used Car Sales in Jacksonville, FL

At Duval Ford, while we love selling the latest and greatest Ford models, we also appreciate the fact that many shoppers in the Jacksonville area aren't looking for something brand new. A used car or SUV is a great way to save money on not just the purchase price, but taxes and insurance as well. In order to serve the wide variety of automotive needs in our community, we're pleased to offer a large selection of used models with excellent value propositions.

Save Even More with Our Pre-Auction Inventory

We receive a large influx of trade-ins throughout the year, and most go on to be thoroughly reconditioned and resold. However, sometimes these trades don't live up to our strict quality requirements, typically due to cosmetic flaws or higher mileage. We hold on to these vehicles for a short time before sending them to be sold at auction. However, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable transportation. So, before shipping the models out, we offer them at near wholesale cost at our Jacksonville Ford dealership.

Choosing a pre-auction model from Duval Ford not only saves money, but also time and hassle since we handle all the paperwork. For more information about our pre-auction vehicles and financing opportunities, please give us a call or reach out to us via our website. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Disclaimer: While pre-auction vehicles are closely inspected and determined to be free of operational defects, they don't always meet Duval Ford's rigid used-car standards. As such, they're not eligible for the Duval Real Deal Warranty we apply to our traditional pre-owned inventory.