Custom Trucks for Sale in Jacksonville

Find Lifted Trucks and SUVs in Jacksonville at Duval Ford

If you're looking to get a unique type of truck or SUV that rides higher, offers potential for off-road fun and looks good as you cruise the streets of Jacksonville or Duval County? That's where our many different lifted and leveled trucks and SUV give you this chance. We want you to explore them more in greater detail, and are here to help you navigate the different choices.

With a lifted truck or SUV you're getting a vehicle that has been raised up with a suspension so you have added ground clearance and more off-road prowess, especially with four-wheel drive options that are available. You also have the choice to add larger tires as well. There's many different customization features on a lifted truck or a leveled truck or SUV, and they're popular here because people enjoy the look, but also the added capability they can give you as you head outside the city toward adventure off the beaten path.

We can discuss them all and the details here at Duval Ford as we'd be happy to get started and talk to you about all our different options here in our lifted and leveled vehicles lineup. We can answer any questions you might have and arrange test drives at your convenience, so we hope to see you soon!

Coming Summer 2021 to Duval Ford: ROUSH Performance vehicles.