Ford E-Transit Van in Jacksonville, Florida

Ford E-Transit: an Electrified Commercial Ford Van

2022 Ford E-Transit All-Electric Commercial Van in Jacksonville

The all-new, all-electric Ford E-Transit signals the next generation of America's best-selling commercial van brand with outstanding versatility, uncompromising cargo space, and emissions-free operation. The E-Transit lineup offers expansive interior accommodations, sturdy payload capacities, and myriad configuration and upfitting options. And with a vast ecosystem of products, software, and charging solutions, Ford makes it easy for businesses to transition to the future.

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Performance for Every Job

A rear-mounted electric motor (266 horsepower, 317 pound-feet of torque) gives Ford E-Transit enough power to haul up to 3,800 pounds in its low roof/regular wheelbase configuration and up to 4,290 pounds on cutaway models. Plus, the purpose-tuned heavy-duty independent rear-wheel-drive suspension system was engineered for enhanced traction and smoother ride quality under max payload.

Since electricity costs less per mile than gasoline, E-Transit isn't just more eco-friendly; it also can help lower operating costs. Plus, sealed electric motors require less maintenance and don't need many routine services like oil changes.

Purposeful Range; Convenient Charging

Ford analyzed more than 30 million miles of Ford Pro Telematics data and determined that commercial vans in the US travel an estimated 74 miles. So, to account for longer-haul days and other factors like cold weather, the 68-kWh battery pack was designed for a targeted range of up to 126 miles. Plus, E-Transit is flexible with charging.

The standard Ford Mobile Charger can add around 10 miles of range per hour with Level 2 (240V) equipment, allowing you to replenish the battery 0-100% overnight (~12 hours). The available Ford Connected Charge Station increases the charging rate to 15 miles of range per hour. And with 115-kW DC fast charging, you can add approximately 30 miles of range in as little as 10 minutes.

Tailor-Made to Your Business Needs

Different businesses have unique requirements and preferences, and Ford makes it easy to customize your E-Transit to your precise specifications. E-Transit vans are offered in three wheelbases and three roof heights. Low-roof models provide between 247 and 278 cubic feet of cargo space and can still fit in a garage. High-roof models offer 404-487 cubic feet and allow people as tall as 6'9" to stand up straight inside. And with multiple chassis cab and cutaways model Ford gives you eight total all-electric configurations to choose from.

On-the-Go Power

With available Pro Power OnBoard, the Ford E-Transit is your mobile generator. It can output 2.4 kW of electricity, allowing you to operate power tools, meters, laptops, and more. And it can even charge your equipment while driving to your next destination so that you can stay powered up between jobs.

Convenient, Confidence-Inspiring Tech

Ford's next-generation SYNC 4 infotainment system features an intuitive 12-inch touchscreen and Enhanced Voice Recognition for seamless connectivity and a personalized driving experience. Over-the-air software updates ensure you always have access to the latest features, and available Connected Built-In Navigation makes it easy to find the closest charging station. Plus, Ford Pro E-Telematics is available at no charge for three years, allowing you to monitor fleet charge status, find and pay for public charging, and see the economic benefits of all-electric vs. gas-powered vehicles.

Safety is always the number-one priority on the job, which is why E-Transit comes standard with driver aids like Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane-Keeping System. And with Smart Acceleration Truncation, fleet managers can limit acceleration speeds based on automatic payload calculation. Other available driver aids include:

  • Blind Spot Assist with Reverse Sensing System
  • Reverse Brake Assist
  • 60-Degree Camera with Split View
  • Enhanced Active Park Assist
  • Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

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