Quick: What is the difference between the year 2019 and 2020. When you are talking about the selection of 2019 Ford models at Duval Ford, it could be thousands of dollars. We are already midway through 2020, and Duval Ford still has a handful of 2019 Ford models that need to find a good home in Jacksonville and its surrounding area. That makes it a difficult situation for Duval Ford, but the perfect scenario for drivers looking for their next new Ford.

Duval Ford has about a dozen 2019 models that we need to drivers for, so we can make room for the incoming 2021 models that are coming right around the bend. While supplies last, you can get your hands on a great Ford F-150, Ford EcoSport, or all-new Ford Ranger model. Each is priced to move. It is your chance to help us out by taking home a spectacular truck or crossover for an exceptional price. We all come out on top.

What does a 2020 Ford model have that you can't find in the 2019 version? The newest version may have one or two things that make it stand out, but we assure you, when you get behind the wheel of the 2019 version of the same vehicle, you may not even miss the newest features or technology. You can find virtually all of the same technology on a 2019 EcoSport that comes on the 2020 version. Same with the Ford F-150. When you look for a 2019 version of the vehicle you love, you will find everything you need, in a vehicle you love, for a price you can appreciate.

Just because it may not be the most current version of a model doesn't mean 2019 will leave you wanting more. There is plenty to love waiting for you in a 2019 Ford vehicle from Duval Ford. Before you look for the newest and shiniest vehicle, learn how you can save on a 2019 Ford in Jacksonville.

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