Bring Your Diesel to Duval Ford For All Your Diesel Service Needs

Do you drive a diesel? Here at Duval Ford in Jacksonville, FL, we know how difficult it is to find a quality diesel mechanic. That's why we provide you with five highly trained Ford diesel technicians who are always there to help. Do you have a big rig? Don't worry; we have all of the tools and experience to take care of your semi, bus, passenger van or vacation machine.

Mobile Service

Stuck on the side of the road? Let us help. We'll send out our mobile diesel tech to diagnose the problem and take care of your rig.

Oil Changes

It's important to stay on top of the oil changes on your diesel. Remember, if you keep up with maintaining your vehicle you will have a long-lasting engine and fewer problems along the way.

Tire Rotations

Keep a close eye on your tires. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by doing regular rotations and keeping the tire pressures inflated to spec.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are a part of the diesel engine that needs to be replaced more frequently than a gas engine. Bring your diesel to our dealership where we will replace your fuel filter efficiently and keep your vehicle running smoothly with optimum fuel economy.

Standard Repairs

Let's be honest; things don't always go as planned. That's why we are here at Duval Ford to perform all of the standard repairs that are necessary along the way. Don't trust your diesel engine with just anyone. You need a diesel expert that can diagnose the problem quickly to get you back on the road without problems. We do standard diesel repairs including:

  • EGR malfunction repairs
  • Injector replacement
  • Fuel system diagnosis
  • Chassis repairs

For all of your diesel needs don't forget to bring your vehicle to us; we'll take good care of you.

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